Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It has been a while since I last posted here, but that's only because we've been very busy this year with many exciting projects. I'll update you on those in a future post, because today I want to write about our new initiative to get more involved with causes we care deeply about. Meet the fledgling TEAM LEGENDHAUS:

Steve, Catherine & Alex 
This project is being spearheaded by my almost-teenaged son Alex. He has long been inspired by the courage and feisty spirit of our six year-old neighbor Mike, who was born with serious heart problems, requiring several surgeries that continue through his young life. Additionally, heart disease is an issue in our own family, so it isn't surprising that Alex has chosen the American Heart Association as his first cause to champion.

Beginning this month, my family will be actively seeking projects that we can support as a team.  Legendhaus will be sponsoring us, as we start what we plan to be a continued, lifelong effort. In September, our family is participating in two such fundraising events: The American Heart Association's HEART WALK 2014, on September 21, and on the 28th, we will join I.C.O.N. / Cure for a Cause's STOP CANCER.

Walking, running, and biking is a relatively easy way to raise money and spread awareness for charitable organizations (while promoting a healthy lifestyle), but we also plan to support our causes by volunteering at local community-based organizations, and participating in (or initiating) other creative endeavors designed to give something back and make the world a better place. I'll be posting more about Team Legendhaus's adventures here in the future. Meanwhile, we hope you will follow the links above, and consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts... Or, if you want to get more involved, please consider joining the team!

Thanks for your time and contributions!

Links: HeartWalk, Stop Cancer